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About Us

We Are Credit Experts!

Who Are We?

We are locally based in Louisville, Kentucky. Julia King, the owner, established the company in 2013 after personally helping individuals in her spare time over the previous 8 years. The vast majority of our clients are referred over to us from either financial professionals or previous clients.

What Do We Do?

We work on behalf of our clients and dispute the items listed on their credit report that have a negative impact on their scores. We create a partnership with our clients, because there are things that are not in our control and are factored into the credit scores. A consultation is arranged so that the client is given a clear direction to reach the goal agreed upon by the client and company.

How Do We Do It?

We send dispute letters to all three bureaus using the current laws established to protect the consumers (the FCRA and FDPCA to name a few). They in turn, verify the information with the creditors that they have listed on your report. Based on the result of the verification, the bureaus will either keep the items the way they are, update the items so that they are accurately reported, or delete the item totally from the report. If the items are inaccurate, outdated or unverifiable, by law, they cannot remain on the report. There is a progression to the system that we use and more aggressive tactics will be utilized if a need is found.

What Results Should I Expect to See?

Our business model is designed to have our clients finished in the quickest time possible. Very few of our clients need to continue past 90 days, with the majority finishing in as little as 45 days! We are able to get these results because we work on EVERY NEGATIVE ITEM from the start. We continue to work on every one of the remaining items going forward until you choose to stop the program.

Why Can't I Do This Myself?

You can! If you do choose to do this on your own we ask that you do the research first! Spend the time up front so that you don't unknowingly hurt your credit scores even further by falling into some of the traps that are out there. We can always provide a consultation* either over the phone or in our office so that you can have a clear direction of what steps to take. We continuously update our tactics as we attend several networking events throughout the year with other credit repair companies and share the best tactics.

Consultation refers to discussing a consumer's specific credit report. This normally takes between 45-60mins per person and has a fee associated with it.

Meet Our Team

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INTRODUCTION TO KING FINANCIAL REPAIR, LLC King Financial Repair was established in February 2013. The CEO and owner, Julia King has been doing credit repair since 2002. Julia attended..
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CEO - Published Author and National Credit Expert
King Financial Repair was established in February 2013. The CEO and owner, Julia King has been doing credit repair since 2002. Julia attended both the University of Louisville and Sullivan Unive..
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VP of Operations
The experience on the team includes a retired Fortune 500 Operations and Customer Service Executive, Corporate Tax expert, Corporate Payroll and Benefits expert, Insurance industry sales, Insuranc..