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Admin Manager - Thursday, November 16, 2017

To stay safe from identity theft, you can follow safe banking and financial recommendations:

  1. Try to keep your account numbers and PIN numbers safe in every situation. Cover your account and PIN numbers when using debit at the store and refuse to give your PIN number to anyone. Avoid writing down your PIN and account numbers, this information could potentially fall into the wrong hands.
  2. When doing business, do it with businesses you trust only.
  3. Rip up the application for “pre-approved” credit cards and enclosed letters that you get in the mail before discarding them, but why? Identity thieves often go through people’s garbage in order to find these forms, fill them out and steal your identity.
  4. Keep your computer protected with a good firewall and antivirus protection system.
  5. Don’t shop online from any company that you don’t trust: If they don’t have encryption technology nor a good privacy policy
  6. Never provide private information through an email or from your computer.
  7. An offer seems too good to be true? Be wary of those. Always take a deep breath and consider before sending in your money and information. Scam artists depend on the fact that you’ll get very excited about their offer. Prove them wrong! Do research on the web through the Better Business Bureau.
  8. Read the tiny print. Some companies have a fine print in a contract or agreement that allow them to charge you extra hidden fees or that will let them retract some offers. Make it a habit, read the fine print!
  9. If you stop getting your mail for some time, you must contact your post office. Criminals steal identities by changing your address and redirecting it to a post office box number to steal your mail looking for personal information.
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