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King Financial Repair 2021 – Quarter 4 Newsletter Only Credit Repair in Kentucky! News and Happenings!

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September 20th King Financial Repair hosted an informational dinner at Martin’s BBQ and 16 mortgage and real estate professionals attended our event. It was a great environment for us and our partners to discuss how we can help them with their prospective clients. We welcome you to attend any of our meetings and presentations to learn more. Watch for them in the future.

king financial repair

September 28-30th King Financial was a bronze sponsor for the Kentucky State Real Estate Convention in Covington. At this event, our front-line team was able to teach two classes as well as meet most of the attendees at our booth while our 43 processor were helping our existing clients. We are always giving back to our community and the mortgage professionals and realtors who are working with buyers. We are never too busy for your referrals or to speak at one of your team meetings.

king financial repair
king financial repair
  1. “How Realtors are leaving money on the table.”
    If you are not utilizing credit repair and just walk away from the buyers they will contact another realtor, and then they will eventually make it to us for credit repair, and if you are not the one that sends them then we cannot send them back to you.  If you have a credit repair guy not sending you your buyers back, then you need to connect with a credit repair girl with almost 20 years experience.  If the buyer cannot purchase or doesn’t purchase from you then you are leaving your commissions on the table 3% of $500,000 is $15,000 just by walking away!  
  2. The most important 3 digits- What they mean and how to have the best number.  A Credit Score are not just for your clients, they are also important to you as a person as well.


Example 1

Let’s say you are renting and paying $1750 a month in rent. That property is costing you approximately $750 more a month than you would be paying in principle, interest and taxes for a similar home. This could equate to approximately $9,000 a year or an additional $270,000 if you were to rent vs buy over a 30-year period – and you have no asset at the end of the rental period

Example 2

Or let’s go smaller numbers you are paying $1300 a month in rent for a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath condo and that includes a $240 HOA= outside maintenance and water, you could buy the same place for approximately $825.00 a month on a 15 year mortgage including $240 HOA fees – and you own the condo at year 16.

Cost of not buying due to bad credit is approximately $475 a month, $5,700 a year and nealy $86,000 more over 15 years. You could have something paid off and saved $86,00 or you could have paid rent for 15 years and have no equity or anything to show for it! Bad Credit costs you!


Example 3

You want to have a nice car to meet your client in or to drive them around. So you find a new car and for 2021 the average new car price was $45,000 lets do the numbers

$45,000 @ 0.0% interest for 60 months is approximately $751 a month total cost to purchase $45,000

$45,000 @ 3.5% interest for 60 months is approximately $819 a month total cost to purchase $49,120

$45,000 @ 7.5 % interest for 60 months is approximately $902 a month total cost to purchase $54,100

$45,000 @ 14% interest for 60 months is approximately $1.050 a month total cost to purchase $62,800

$45,000 @ 24.9% interest (legal limit in KY) for 60 months is approximately $1.320 a month total cost to purchase $79,100

With bad credit you could spend between $14,000 and $34,000 additional interest over 5 years – nearly $500 a month! Wow fixing your credit is huge! What could you do with the extra $500.00 a month just by having good credit!


Example 4

Car insurance in Kentucky is largely based off of what your credit score is. So you go to insure your new car and you pay

Average cost of full coverage car insurance in Kentucky by credit

Compare rates and save on auto insurance today!

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Poor credit

Average credit

Good credit

Excellent credit

State average





National average





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In October Julia King was nominated and accepted the position of 2022 Treasurer for the Women’s Council of Realtors.

Halloween morning October 31st our CEO met with Jeff Ratanapool from Stockton Mortgage and was on ESPN morning radio show Mortgage x’s and O’s.

king financial repair


Julia King has continuously sponsored the Kentucky Real Estate Investors Association for the last 6+ years.

Christian Academy 3/4th grade football came in 2nd place in the state!

king financial repair

November 28th the Louisville Toys for Tots Annual Motorcycle ride where all the bikers come together and be Santa for the children in the community who may not otherwise be able to have Christmas. King Financial Repair donated a laptop for a child that needs one so that they can get their school work and access the internet.

king financial repair
king financial repair

Collected Hats, gloves and small toys: balls, board games and stuffed animals for the Jefferson Country teen moms.

king financial repair
king financial repair

Volunteered to wrap presents as a company with the family and with the nonprofit group Louisville Chrome Divas at the Love Transformation Project, that focuses on the poorest communities in the city.

king financial repair
king financial repair

Adopted a family from Family Scholar House and provided Christmas to a single mom and 2 kids.

Bought and purchased items for the Tornado victims in Maysville and Bowling Green Kentucky. The Tornados were some of the biggest in history devastating a large amount of the community in Kentucky. Our church announced they were going to need items, so King Financial Repair headed to Costco to help and give back to a state that has been so good to us.

king financial repair
king financial repair

Volunteered at Louisville’s Largest Christmas Party for Jesus’s Birthday at Northeast Christian Church!

king financial repair
king financial repair
king financial repair

Was on the Spectrum News every hour all day New Year’s Day discussing Financial Resolutions

king financial repair

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The best thing for us to do is to invest $1 in you pulling your credit report. It does not count as an inquiry and gives us more information than other credit reports. Here is a special link to do so. When you pull it we will need your username, password and last 4 of your social security number that’s all and we can hop on a phone call. We can tell how long it will take to get you approved and back on track and ready to go approved for the loan.

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