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What is FICO?

Admin Manager - Friday, October 13, 2017

FICO is a business analytic software company and is based in San Jose, California. FICO was founded by Bill Fair and Earl Issac in 1956. Their FICO score has become the main credit score used to determine consumer credit risk.

FICO went public in 1986 and is traded on the New Your Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FICO. The company debuted its first general-purpose FICO score in 1989. Scores are based on credit reports and range from 300 to 850. Lenders use the scores to gauge a potential borrower's creditworthiness.

To grow as big as they are today, FICO has acquired many smaller companies along the way which include:

DynaMark was acquired in 1992

Risk Management Technologies was acquired in 1997

Prevision was acquired in 1997

Nykamp Consulting Group was acquired in 2001 

HNC Software was acquired in 2002

NAREX was acquired in 2003

Diversified Healthcare Services was acquired in 2003

Seurat was acquired in 2003

London Bridge Software was acquired in 2004

Braun Consulting was acquired in 2004

RulesPower was acquired in 2005

Dash Optimization was acquired in 2008

Entiera was acquired in 2012

Adeptra was acquired in 2012 

CR Software was acquired in 2012

Infoglide was acquired in 2013

InfoCentricity was acquired in 2014

Karmasphere was acquired in 2014

FICO Services are:

  • Customer acquisition analytics
  • Debt management and collection analytics
  • Fraud and security analytics
  • Risk analysis scoring
  • Customer decision making and analytic data solutions
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