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Admin Manager - Monday, August 14, 2017

Many people who are alert about paying their bills on time and having minimal debts are surprised each year to find that they have low credit scores. In some cases, this happens as a result of identity theft. Identity theft is a type of misconduct in which people take your personal information and steal that data to pose as you in order to get access to your accounts or identity.


For example, someone with your PIN numbers can take away small amounts of money from your bank account each month. Or someone can use your name and personal information to get credit cards in your name and use those credit cards with no intention of paying back the money. You are stuck with the large debts and the poor credit score.


But don’t worry, here’s how to prevent identity theft:


We recommend you always check your account statements carefully each month and report any suspicious activity or any charges you don’t recognize at once.


Also, check your credit report regularly and immediately investigate any new credit accounts you do not recognize – this is the best way of detecting and acting on identity theft.


If you have been a victim of identity theft, report it to the police at once and get a police statement. Send copies of this to your bank and credit bureaus. You can get the credit bureaus to attach the report to your credit report as well, if you can. Close all your accounts and reopen new ones. Remember this, you should not have to pay for someone else’s illegal activity.


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