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King Financial Repair was established in February 2013.  The CEO and owner, Julia King has been doing credit repair since 2002.  Julia attended both the University of Louisville and Sullivan University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude, earned a Presidents Cup and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing.  King Financial Repair has an A rating with the Louisville Better Business Bureau and a national presence with Affiliates in several of the lower 48 states.


Julia is the only Certified Credit Repair Specialist in the State of Kentucky, ensures her company is compliant with all Federal and State Regulations, is a member in good standing of the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO) and has been invited to Washington DC by NACSO to meet with Congressional Members (Andy Barr and others) as a representative of NACSO her industry.  She is a published author (on credit repair), has served as a trainer at various industry seminars and conferences and is respected around the country as one of the top tier experts in credit repair and the Fair Credit Reporting Act 405.


Julia has organized a local team of 4 experts to help her clients.  The experience on the team includes a retired Fortune 500 Operations and Customer Service Executive, Corporate Tax expert, Corporate Payroll and Benefits expert, Insurance industry sales, Insurance industry compliance and customer service professionals – all focused on helping clients while remaining compliant with all federal and state regulations.


King Financial Repair utilizes a top tier CRM system specifically designed for the Credit Repair Industry.  This real time interactive system provides several benefits to our clients and affiliates (Mortgage Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Auto Dealership Finance Departments, etc.) as well as our team of professionals working on the repairs.  We offer:


·       Real time Integration with our portal so that clients and affiliates can track client progress

·       Direct Integration with Identity IQ (a top tier credit monitoring system / company who does not sell client information) and we are large enough to have negotiated a discounted monthly fee of $21.99.

·       Integration with our new Client Review tool – SoTellUs so that we can get video reviews from our clients, a much better gauge of our success and their satisfaction than testimonials and / or e-mailed surveys.  Our clients can give us a review immediately and you can view them on our website, google and Facebook.

·       Extensive workflow management tools to ensure updates are sent to our clients and affiliates at the appropriate times.  These tools include e-mail, one-way text messaging, two-way secure text messaging loaded, tracked and viewable in the clients on line file.

·       Individual tracking of all affiliates associated with our clients so that the affiliate is informed when changes take place – we track the progress of the clients so that our affiliates can concentrate on their clients who don’t require credit repair services.

·       Real time tracking of all letters sent to the three credit bureaus.

·       Video instructions for our clients on how to use the system – including how to upload communications from the credit bureaus and notes on when to watch for the letters.

·       Access by our nearly 40 processors who update the files, review the credit monitoring site and determine the appropriate communications to send to each bureau for efficient deletion and repair of accounts.

·       Access by our 24 x 7 customer service team who can place notes and add leads into the system.  This frees the rest of our team to concentrate on working our client cases and working with our affiliates. 

·       Most importantly, the phone number 502-689-1001 is always answered by a person and call backs are normally made within 24 hours of the call arriving – no prompts, no busy signals, no missed calls.

·       Relationships with several credit card companies that will work with our clients when others won’t.

·       Free phone consultation before we take on a client to ensure we can help them before they invest in the program.


In Summary, King Financial Repair is a professional organization with strong talent, an industry best system, nearly 40 associates working for our and your clients, compliant processes and a program that is normally completed within 6 months – with the end result being a person that you may not have remembered if they were not in our program being presented to you with an appropriate credit score to purchase a home or vehicle and in a better position to change their life.


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