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Banning Lary

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a month ago-
King Financial Repair is by far the best credit repair agency I have ever used, or anyone I know has ever used. Julia King is professional, efficient, precise, thorough and knows how to get results fast. I have directed several friends and family to other credit repair agencies in the past that seemed to drag their heels while running the meter. Not with King Financial Repair. Within a month her decisive skills removed half a dozen negative items from my account and my credit score jumped above 700. She also is expert on student loan consolidation, knows how to navigate the governmental red tape and paperwork and reduce payments, in some cases down to zero. This is no joke. If you need credit repair, student loan workouts, get in touch with King today. A warning though. Julia expects you to also be professional and submit all statements as they come in. You do that and this lady can work miracles. She guarantees it! - Dax Xenos, Austin, Texas