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Jason Hanson- Real Estate Investor-Sr Loan Officer

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Jason Hanson Mortgages reviewed King Financial Repair — 5 star Facebook
January 24 ·  
After more than 10 years in the mortgage business, I can say with confidence that King Financial Repair is hands down the best credit restoration company I have ever worked with. My clients get better, faster results than any other company offers. Thank you Julia and team for assisting my clients in achieving the American Dream of home ownership!

Real Estate Investor-Sr Loan Officer
Julia is one of the most knowledgeable credit specialist I have ever worked with. I've been in the mortgage and 2nd change credit industry for 10 years and King Financial Repair has by far the fastest and best results of any company I've worked with. 

If you have any issues with your credit, need help building personal/business credit, or consolidating/negotiating student loans, call Julia King, owner of King Financial Repair today.less

September 30, 2015, Jason was with another company when working with Julia King at


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