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Client Testimonial

Megan Perkins Google 5 Star Review

Clarksville, IN
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Mobile friendly (for the busy client; that's me!), easy access (snap and click photos to microsoft office upload, no fuss with faxes necessary), reasonable (no new credit card was necessary - I was encouraged to keep my current credit card which was in good standing, the longevity functions as a positive component for a credit score), up-to-date on newest practices (Julia is always sending updates about conferences or new ways of performing her job which improves the ways in which she services us as clients), ***EASY TO GET AHOLD OF*** (so important!), dramatic improvement in my credit score in 4 months (I had about 40 incorrect items deleted and I have a 700+ credit score now on all 3 bureaus!), pricing for services are appropriate (about $200 monthly for a lifetime of benefit from which I have already opened an additional credit card good for huge discounted benefits that come along with that credit card program!), quick response time (Julia or her assistant always answered my inquiries within 48 hrs., generally within the first 24.), discounts offered for referrals ***this was within a specific time frame, I'm unsure if this is a regular feature of her services, but it was helpful to me and my family!****