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Client Testimonial

Merissa Shelburne - Facebook Review

Jeffersontown, KY
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When having your credit repaired, it does not mean that everything will work like magic. You as the person who needs your credit fixed should also do your part. King Financial Repair communicated with me very well, telling me what I needed to do and I followed it. I got a lot of responses from credit bureaus faster than I expected, Julia said it will take 30-45 days for them to response but when she sent the dispute letters, I got responses the following week. She had a lot of things deleted from my credit, stuff that I never thought you can have deleted and my credit score went up higher than I really expected it to be. Julia is still working on it and I am confident that she will be able to give me the credit score that I always wanted. Good job Julia and King Financial Repair. You're awesome people!