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Client Testimonial

Wade Shepherd 5 Star Google Review

Greenville, IN
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King Financial Repair can be described simply as “Excellent Customer Service”. Julia took the time to explain her unique business process to us in detail. She uses what she described as an “everything all the time” approach to updating credit history and eliminating anything not 100% accurate, dated, and verifiable. More importantly, Julia took the time to listen and fully understand what we needed, only recommending the services that would truly benefit us. Julia’s impressive understanding of the credit world allowed her to lay out a comprehensible time line that was very accurate. We had full access to all our information via her website and could check the status of our progress on the Dispute Dashboard. Julia was constantly adding new documents, disputing reporting agencies, and updating repaired and deleted items. “Everything all the time” just like she said. She stayed in touch almost daily with texts, emails, and phone calls offering guidance and suggestions catered to our specific needs. Julia improved our credit situation dramatically in less than 60 days. We are now prequalified to purchase our home with an incredible interest rate. Thank you Julia! You think you repair credit…………..I hope you understand that in reality you are repairing people’s lives and restoring Hope and Faith.